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Sadness is:
- desperation for music but leaving your earphones at home
- walking past two pidgeons eating stale vomit to wake you up in the morning
- over-expensive wedding menu quotes

Happiness is:
- exciting wedding outfit meeting for measurements, colour schemes and general mega tea frolification
- finally using the new, sexy, independant coffee shop in Soho (Mer, I be lookin' at you... Foxcroft & Ginger?)
- Hal saying I looked almost steampunk this morning and me not coiling in terror at the thought (wearing distressed grey t-shirt, brown long shorts, silver chain with dangling blue bettle necklace, long grey tube socks and my dearly beloved long grey Doc Martin's with ribbon laces).

It's not that I hate steampunk, but I have an annoying and necessary predistinction to find anything with a sudden, overwhelming following to be unattractive. Steampunk, after all, encompasses mechanical contraptions of awesome. Plus this lady is a complete vamp hottie and seems to be obsessed with shoving cogs on shit, so it can't be all bad:
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Good The Good Things In Life Are Ruthlessly Stolen

Unexpected free day!

Today, I have eaten porridge with banana, goji berries and seed mix, a Green Goddess juice with an added guarana booster, a high fruit bar, a bottle of water, a big sammich and about to dig in to a mega No Fear EXTREME ENERGY drink, but I've only spent £1.95 (which was the porridge)! Here's to Crussh loyalty cards and free supplier samples at work! I'm going to try and continue this frugal yet deeply satisfying trend as long as possible today.

I spent last night around gorgeous women and cava last night too - had a free Bare Escentuals AMAZING makeover (photos to follow) and free sparkling wine fro Tova Gillespie's birthday... what's a girl to do?!
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Aaaah... the sweet sweet muscle ache of a workout. The morning after reminds you that you actually put effort in. Even if I can't walk (as a sign to STRETCH PRE AND POST WORKOUT), it still makes me smile! And yes, I actually like the fact we have to walk up 7 flights of stairs to get to the flat we're currently staying in - unavoidable exercise!

This week brings The Glass Menagerie at the Young Vic with the mother unit tomorrow (it was actually her Mother's Day gift from last year. Whoops!), mineral makeup makeover Thursday evening for gorgeous Tova's birthday (as long as she calls us her girlfriends for the night, I'll be happy), Talanas album photo shoot Sunday and then next week I'm off to see Totem by Cirque du Soleil on Thursday! I am this is excited!

What about you, my lovelies?
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Update food blog


Bed of raw courgette strips, tiny bit of tagliatelle and spinach with vine tomatoes, green beans, mozzerella strips and chicken with a garnish of pesto, pepper, lime and olive oil. Only thing wrong is the POOOOOOOORLY cooked chicken as it's overdone and dry, but otherwise - UNF!

I'd like to try it with raw green beans and no pasta next time, but I have found something that I think would compliment a different variety of meat and fish and was pretty cheap! AND it means that I could make this for Hal and he's love it if I added chilli!

I cannot cook. But, hey! Turns out I can do this raw thang after all.
The sickly sweet.

Conversations with Carrots

BOOF! Just opened a carrot juice and took the first sip. Never had this before - what a punch in the face! ...nice aftertaste, though.

Speaking of being arguably healthy, I want to start eating more raw veg to try and soak up as much 'ealf pointz as humanly possible. What would anyone suggest to eat with them when the veg in question is far too dry to eat by itself? I don't want to resort to just humous because eating a whole tub a day is surely not good for you. Any low fat dipping sauces or anything?

Oop... must've upset the Gods ov Nutrition for suggesting such a thing as I've just spilt some of said carrot juice on keyboard. It's so vibrant, it looks like it could even dye it!

Also, I want to make this at some point:

Spinach Cake! But mainly because the photo looks completely hump worthy. Might taste rank.

Hmmm... nice to see that my carrot juice is 'suitable for veggies'. This reminds me of a time when my future-head-bridesmaid, our friend and I YEARS ago were passing round a bottle of orange juice because it tasted like ham. Suffice to say, our friend drank it all and didn't complain. A real man indeed.
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Reminders for all

Don't do what I fall in to from time to time. Don't let your mind stop itself from functioning to its full potential. This helps no one. Here's some tips for me (and whovever needs them!):

- You're allowed to feel pleasure
- You're allowed to feel pain
- You're allowed to feel. In fact, this is essential and fulfilling
- You're allowed to succeed
- People are not out to get you. Loved ones thrive on seeing you do so and will always encourage.
- Sometimes people approach you for help because you are worthwhile, not because they want to catch you out
- Do not squint
- Do not tense
- Breathe deep, open eyes and open mind. The fog and blur is only damaging and necessary
- If you are the only one convincing yourself that you cannot do something, you are only cheating yourself
- You can fill your own time. People will not mind.
- Jump into things with your full self
- Drink loose tea

The truth.


Customary 2011 post!

Now, I don't necessarily think setting New Year's Resolutions are a productive idea, but, in a bid to do just that (be productive), I must admit that I have already put one task in to action. I worry too much. Even when at a party of close and dear friends I worry that I might have said the wrong thing or that people are meaning things that they are not actually saying. This is ludicruos and changes a pleasant time into a battlefield in my own head. I have suceeded with the New Year's Party of ending up, without effort or forward planning, going in between lots of different rooms and friends generally having fun and laughing and smiling with them and generally, seemingly, being kinder rather than worried. I'll definately keep that up. This goes for keeping in contact, also. Yes, it costs money to keep up apperances (especially on my pay as you go awful phone and dongle access to internet) but it's far beyond worth it.

Now to give myself more confidence and progression in the music department. It's a hard thing to force as it is creative, but I should never go a week without singing properly. That is out of the question. This should be aided by going to singing lessons, but they've just increased in cost and I have a wedding to save up for. But once I have an idea I should record and share it. I've got lots of new lyrics to play around with but just need the music to put them in. I've also got my eyes on working with a few random friends from all different walks of life to get me going. Hopefully this won't detract from my own music, but will push me to keep active. Let's do this.

I hope also that I have been supportive and nuturing enough to my Hal during these tough and endless work times. Talanas have finished album writing straight in to album recording. Vocals half completed and drums begin tonight. This is his real job and there's tons of buzz about them now so they must strike fast and hard. It all seems to be working. I can see them getting their front pages and middle page spreads already. And deservedly so.

How crazy is it that Hal and I will have to booktime off to GET MARRIED asap?! Wicked. I need some help, actually - how much time do you suggest is appropriate for taking off before/after a wedding day?
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We've eight days till 2011. Please, please don't let me lose another loved one in these next eight days. I can't take it.

- Brush strokes and light sparks live on through this December snow. This is all I could give, being better for whom I know. -
The catfight.


Hal and I have basically the same meals every evening only he covers his in spicy sauce and relish and I cover mine in cheese or ketchup. I can't take ze spice!

*in between munching on dinner, we smooch*

Me: I can taste the spice on your lips!
Hal: *polite titter*
Me: Your kiss has a kick!
Hal: Kick you in the face...

Also, it is official. Teapots are amazeballs and I require one.
The other other white meat.

Today's Chilly Checklist

Joggers underneath normal trousers - check!
5 layers of clothing on top half - check!
Thermos - check!
Soup - check!
Sharp pains in stomach after I eat anything - check! (unfortunately...)

I wonder what that could be, does anyone know? I know my belly is all over the place and bubbly at the moment and has been for about a week, but I can't think of what in my diet I would need to cut out to make that better. Does anyone have any good teas or vitamins or the like for digestion and a good tummy (no, I don't mean a laxative!)?