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The Musings of Pumpkin.

I am numpty! Surrender, to me, your hugs!

23 November 1987
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Friend of metalheads, musos, freaks, youths, elders, conservatives, liberals, pornstars, intellectuals, dreamers, thinkers and achievers.

I drink coffee, scrumpy and desert wine. I eat my greens, animals and words.

I read literature from or about WW1, have purple hair and require an All Saints wardrobe.

I can type and write without looking at my hands, the screen or the paper. I can't, however, say the same for reading.

I am unsure as to my spiritual beliefs but I don't think they need to be answered or labelled.

I am disgustingly, completely, totally and sickenly taken. And I love it.

abnormalities, acoustic, acting, alanis morissette, archery, art, asphyxiation, autumn, axes, bdsm, beauty, being engaged, beliefs, bill bailey, black metal, black sun empire, blood, body mod, cannibal corpse, cats, colt, contortion, corpsing, corsetry, cross dressing, culture, cyber, cyber metal, cynic, dave mckean, dead can dance, death metal, debating, delft, digital art, diversities, diversity, drama, dreadlocks, dream theater, dyed hair, epicity, eva cassidy, evanescence, extremes, faith, fetish, fire, frustrum, gaffawing, gamelan, giggling, gigs, goats, gore, grey, guitar, heavy metal, horrid face, hot oil, huggles, humility, hunting, hyperactivity, indescribable music, industrial, interlock, internet, killing joke, knives, lamb, leech woman, lindt, machinochrist, metal, mohawks, mother of london, multi-culture, music, naked, night, nude, obscura, pain, paleness, patriotism, people-watching, pez, philip glass, photography, piercing, poetry, poppy z. brite, prog rock, purple, quick wit, reality, relatives, religion, respect, restraint-in-all-things bar volume, rob zombie, rum, russia, sadomasochism, scars, sick and twisted, silver, singing, siobhan donaghy, slipknot, solace denied, sparklers, spiders, stage, stam1na, sting, taoism, tattoo, tattoos, taxidermy, the great war, theatre, tim burton, tolerance, tom waits, torture, training, unlabelable music, veterans, vileape, vincilagnia, violence, violent sex, virtuoso, vocals, wake, wax, white hair, white zombie, working out, world music, world war one, ww1